Sarnia District Library

Location and Operation

The Sarnia District Masonic Library is located in the Sarnia Masonic Hall. The address is 245 Essex St. Sarnia. The Sarnia District Masonic Library is open anytime the Hall is open. There are over 300 different books in the Library. Some of the books are source materials to find answers to the questions in the courses of The College of Freemasonry. You may borrow something from the Sarnia District Library on the honour system. Please record your name, contact information, and the date, on one of the book cards. Then leave the card on the desk. Return the item when you’ve read it so others can make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. An inventory of the Library will be conducted each summer. The Sarnia District Librarian and Historian is Very Worshipful Brother Marshall Kern, Fellow of the College of Freemasonry. He can be reached at (519) 332-1255 or

Selected Titles in the Sarnia District Masonic Library:

A special collection of works by noted Masonic authority -- Joseph Fort Newton:

Sankey Lectures

This annual lecture series is named in honour of R.W. Bro. Charles A. Sankey (1905-2009) and is part of the partnership between the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario and Brock University.

Dr. Sankey served as Chancellor of Brock University from 1969 to 1974. A renowned Masonic scholar, he was active in all the concordant bodies of Masonry including the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, the Royal Order of Scotland, and Royal Arch Masons. His extensive collection of rare Masonic books and papers is in the Special Collections of the James Gibson Library at Brock, providing a rich resource for research scholars and students.

Brethren from Sarnia District have attended the Lectures in the past.  Ask around and there may be a car-pool to join for the next lecture!

College of Freemasonry

The College provides a program of instruction in several modules:

Course tuition depends on which module you study and runs from $50 to $135.

The involvement of mentors is a hallmark of the College. Completed assignments are graded anonymously, ensuring fair and fraternal assessment and feedback. Upon completion, a Certificate is issued and the graduate is granted a status by the Grand Master as Fellow of the College of Freemasonry. Alumni are also encouraged to use the designation F.C.F. Take your development to the next stage by enrolling today.

The Heritage Lodge, No. 730 GRC

The Heritage Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 730 G.R.C. was formed to provide an intellectual environment for the pursuit of Masonic knowledge and also to provide a means for receiving and recording historical artefacts to ensure the preservation of our Masonic Heritage without encroaching on the normal functions of Constituent Lodges.  The Heritage Lodge accepts, by affiliation in the usual manner, all Masons of like-mind, desirous of working together to fulfil the aims and objectives established by the membership.  Talk to a fellow-Mason about membership.

Special projects of The Heritage Lodge include:

Annual Dues are $ 55.00.

For further information contact:

Electronic Books and the Sarnia District Masonic Library

Many new books on Masonic topics are being published in some form of electronic or digital version. These are available through reputable on-line sources. Your Sarnia District Masonic Library will not become a supplier of these digital books.

Older books and documents on Masonic topics are frequently made available in a digital format, usually as a PDF. For example, ‘Project Gutenberg’ hosts a growing library of free e-books. There is a focus on older US books for which it is understood that the copyright has expired and the book is now in the public domain. See

Our Grand Lodge has prepared PDFs of several books commissioned or published by our Grand Lodge. These are available via the Grand Lodge website, or by request to the District Librarian:

Please note that your Sarnia District Masonic Library has print copies of each of these books available to be borrowed on the honour system.

Masonic Library Assoc.